Intensive Delta Module 2: Week 6 round-up

Red leaves in Sevilla
A hint of autumn although temperatures are still high

So here it is, the (belated) final week of my intensive Delta Module 2 in Seville. You can read about Week 1 here, Week 2 here, Weeks 3 & 4 here and Week 5 here.

There were no input sessions this week so that we could focus on LSA4 and finish off other essays, so I’ve cut many of the learning questions.

  1. What was your lightbulb moment or what blew your mind this week?
    The opposite happened this week. I spent most of the week doubting or at least questioning all of my decisions, despite having done well in the previous five weeks. It was a difficult week to get through.
  2. What has stressed you out most this week?
    LSA4 and the abovementioned crisis of confidence. I was glad to have the support of my coursemates. Not only to vent to, but also to check ideas with. At one point the only thing that kept me from giving up was the thought that if I failed LSA4 (ie. got a referral), while I wouldn’t mind having to plan and teach a different assessed lesson some months from now, I’d do anything to avoid having to write a new background essay!
  3. What do you wish you could have done this week?
    Found a way to get my confidence back. I suppose if I was doing Module by distance, teaching my normal classes might have helped.
  4. What have you done to relax this week?
    After finishing my LSA4, I still had essays to work on but I took some time in the evenings to read a novel. I rarely make time to read novels in general, so this was really nice!
  5. What book have you added to your wishlist (or wish you’d already read)?
    I want to work through the whole of Teaching Collocation instead of just dipping into it with my background essay in mind.
  6. What’s your top study tip?
    Make sure you have study habits in place. I missed having input sessions to add structure to my day. I preferred working at the school rather than studying at home, but I didn’t usually make it in until 10am or 10:30am for no real reason other than being quite tired at this point in the course. I’m looking forward to having morning input sessions again next week for Module 1.
  7. What’s your main priority for next week?
    To learn more Spanish! Although I’m starting the Module 1 course, the exam isn’t until December so I’m hoping to do some language exchanges to improve my spoken fluency while I’m still in Spain…

Final thoughts

I really struggled this week. I would not have had a sufficient support system in place if I had been doing the course by distance, especially as my lovely flatmate had moved away. Whichever way you do the Delta, I think it’s important to have good friends or family who will listen. I think it’s also helpful to have Delta-level teachers or fellow trainees you can talk to. I’m so glad I was doing the course intensively in that respect.

The other thing about the final week is that I feel I should have thought about LSA4 much sooner. Before doing the Delta, I knew we had to do Grammar for LSA1 and I was set on doing Listening for one of my LSAs. I had a preference for writing over speaking (although that’s a whole ‘nother story) but for LSA4 I was considering Lexis, Spoken Discourse or Phonology. In some ways, it was good to have options but I do wish I’d “saved something good” for the final LSA, or at least something I was confident in!

The end

I handed my final few essays in on the Monday following the course. With a whimper rather than a bang, Module 2 is all over. Thank goodness!

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