Intensive Delta Module 2: Week 5 round-up

It’s the last-but-one week of my Delta Module 2 in Seville (again this is a belated post). You can read about Week 1 here, Week 2 here and Weeks 3 & 4 here.

Seville scenery
Colours in Sevilla on a Saturday
  1. What was your lightbulb moment or what blew your mind this week?
    Reading an article in English Teaching Professional from 1999, Collocational Competence by Jimmie Hill. I went at the article with a highlighter but found I wanted to highlight almost everything! If you’re at all interested in collocations, check it out.
  2. What has stressed you out most this week?
    The building pressure for LSA4. Partly pressure I’m putting on myself and partly the mounting pile of work as I still need to redraft my LSA2 and 3 background essays as well as put everything in place for LSA4.
  3. What do you wish you could have done this week?
    Focused a bit better after my LSA3 feedback. I find my ego is either soaring or crushed afterward LSA feedback and it’s hard to move on to the next thing.
  4. What’s the best activity you observed, learned about or used this week?
    In our input session on lexis our tutor demonstrated some activities for gettting learners to notice collocations and lexical chunks. For example, get learners to write 5 questions for the teacher. You answer them and while students listen, they write down collocations and chunks they hear. In feedback new or interesting chunks and collocations can be explored.
  5. Which area have you improved on?
    I’ve been learning a lot about lexis and collocations but I’d say it’s yet to impact my teaching. I hope it will in time for LSA4!
  6. What is the best or most useful tip you’ve gained this week?
  7. What have you done to relax this week?
    I still kept nearly a whole day off at the weekend even though LSA3 was on Monday.
  8. What’s your favourite quote of the week?
    Not exactly a quote but as I mentioned on twitter, I was amused by the Spice Girls’ Wannabe being in How To Teach Vocabulary (Thornbury 2002:117).
  9. What’s your new favourite word or terminology?
    Contrastive analysis” relates to knowing things about L1 so that you can predict problems, skip things that are directly translatable and spend time on more problematic areas.
  10. What have you disagreed with this week?
    That collocations become a key focus from intermediate on (Hill 1999). True, but if we put some focus on collocations at lower levels too, it won’t be so much work to change learners’ mindsets and habits at higher levels.
  11. What book have you added to your wishlist (or wish you’d already read)?
    Implementing the Lexical Approach (Lewis 1997)
  12. What’s your top study tip?
    Redraft your background essays when you get them back – don’t leave them to mount up! Also, this week I found ELT Concourse, which I wish I’d found sooner, but nevertheless it was good to go through their information on background essays at this stage.
  13. What’s your main priority for next week?
    Get LSA4 ready soon enough to get some feedback from tutors and coursemates, and be extra well prepared for the lesson.

And that’s a wrap for Week 5. The big one is coming…

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