Intensive Delta Module 2: Week 1 round-up

Welcome to a weekly reflection post on my experience with the intensive Delta Module 2 in Seville. I’ve based the questions on these from a previous candidate, but I’ve added in a few questions of my own.

Module 2 notebook
My new notebook. Although, to my surprise, I’ve actually been taking notes on my laptop much of the time.
  1. What was your lightbulb moment or what blew your mind this week?
    I was so blown away I blogged about it: when schwa isn’t schwa.
  2. What has stressed you out most this week?
    Waiting. I wish I had been able to start redrafting my LSA1 (which was due on the first day of the course) or planning the lesson sooner. I didn’t get feedback until Friday so most of this week has been a waiting game. I have my templates all ready though!
  3. What do you wish you could have done this week?
    • I probably should have done more reading, rather than just photocopying things to read… I need to find a place for focused reading in my schedule as every time I’ve tried I’ve been too tired to concentrate.
    • I should have gone to yoga or dancing in the week. I did this last week during the Module 3 course, but the yoga class I went to is a bit far away from where I live and study.
  4. What’s the best activity you observed, learned about or used this week?
    I was really struck by another member of my TP group who use a really strong context to introduce her grammar point. I sometimes do situational presentations, but sometimes perhaps more context, especially when taking things out of the book, would be good.
  5. Which area have you improved on?
    I’ve spent less than 2 hours teaching this week on three different days. Two of those were really pressed for time so it’s quite hard to comment. I felt like didn’t really hit my stride until the third mini-lesson with the group, so I’m ready for improvements next week!
  6. What is the best or most useful tip you’ve gained this week?
    Instead of the general advice to “read” before the Delta, I wish I’d done what one of my coursemates did which is to make a list of useful quotes ready to refer to. I didn’t do much reading as I really struggle to read without a purpose. If I’m preparing for a workshop, it’s easy to read but with a vague idea of “read for your Delta” is not motivating enough for me.
    What I should have done to focus my reading was to search for quotes that back up my teaching beliefs (or contradict them!) and from a variety of sources. It was interesting to read a lot of Field’s Listening in the Language Classroom, but I won’t pass my essay if he’s the only source I quote.  Sad but true.
  7. What have you done to relax this week?
    A few long dinners with coursemates living in the same accommodation. By the end of the week, having a long dinner break started to stress me out though. I work best in the evenings!
  8. What have you disagreed with this week?
    We had a session on guided discovery, and I don’t agree with how black and white it was presented. Basically saying that a worksheet is guided discovery and at the board is teacher-centred and you “give them the rules”. The CAM recognised the middle ground where there can be elements of guided discovery, and ways they can be presented (eg. with scaffolded questions on the board). I ask my students a lot of questions and elicit, so would put myself in this middle ground most of the time
  9. What book have you added to your wishlist (or wish you’d already read)?
    Harmer’s The Practice of English Language Teaching looks useful to reference for the PDA
  10. What’s your favourite quote of the week?
  11. What’s your new favourite word or terminology?
    “Materials driven teacher” – I’d never heard of this before, but I’ve definitely been one of these in the past. Perhaps I’m not entirely over this stage (dogme scares me), but I’ve become a lot more conscious about my materials selection and creation.
  12. What would you change about this week?
    Well, I’m quite fed up of grammar. I started my background essay on 6th September and have been grateful to put it down a few times, for 3-5 days at a time. However, this weekend I’ve been procrastinating from finishing LSA1 work and getting ahead with my Listening LSA because that interests me much more. They’re not wrong when they say you should pick a grammar topic you’re interested in, but even then, be prepared to get a bit bored. Perhaps this is easier to deal with on an extensive course as you can build in more time off, or maybe it drags even further. I’m not sure. But I am sure I will enjoy the other LSAs a lot more!
  13. What’s your top study tip?
    Aside from my colleague who saved useful quotes, I’m glad of my templates in Word. I’ve been saving useful advice for each section (word limits, key things to include) into the template so I can refer to them when I write without having to keep flipping back to the handbook or my notes.
  14. What’s your main priority for next week?
    • Yoga or dance mid-week
    • Get through LSA1, and move on from grammar!

And that’s a wrap for Week 1. Five more to go!

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